what’s this?

i. what is this?

this is JI YAng’s website trying to look like a real pictorial portfolio.

ii. what is going on here?

this is this website with many FireRoastedEggplantEater open resources from this person JI YAng makes.
this is this website with no business-orientated stuff of this person JI YAng provides even if some other businesses wanna be-s wish to relate.
this is this website as those online events of this person JI YAng.

iii. what is JI YAng?

JI YAng is a Photographer, Puzzle-maker (performing art), Graphic designer, Video toaster and Drawing person.

iv. what are these photos?

these are photos JI YAng took for performance art works happened in/around Chicago.

︎more what questions please email jyang21@artic.edu