+underwhelming and self-irrelevant+

“I’m trying something here but not  trying very hard.”

i. UAS is an USA native born aesthetic open call.

ii. UAS is a stradegy to free one’s practice serving a pre-existence needs.

iii. there are two ways to practice UAS. 1) follow the word “underwhelming” and “self-irrelevant” by its literal means as practice guildline. 2)follow the statement “I’m trying something here but not trying very hard”. 

1. UAS aka. underwhelming and self-irrelevant has a dirty version as UASS aka. underwhelming and sometimes self-irrelevant.
The defination of self-irrelevant varies with the defination of self from person to person. In the dirty version, the word “sometimes” addresses this variation.

2. Practices under the idea of UAS(UASS) try to move little baby steps towards conclusive statements.
However, these baby steps don’t shy away towards conclusive statements.

3. The two most popular lines within conversations under the idea of UAS are,
“I don’t know.”
“What do you think about it?”