who’s this?

i. who is this?

what you think who this is?

ii. who is JI YAng?

JI YAng is
a Puzzle-maker (conceptual hulahula)
Graphic designer
a Video toaster
a Drawing person. 

a PUZZLE MAKER and a FICTION BUILDER who makes art like saying “2 x 2 = 5 ?” or “ fighting with a puffy pillow.” while holding whose aesthetic underwhelmingly.

iii. who are those people in the photos?

Tavia David
A.J. McClenon
Joseph Ravens
Vangeline France
Lisa Stertz
Yumiko Yoshioka
Michal Samama
Nabeela Vega
John Lincoln-Vogel
Marcel Sparmann
Hereaclitus Here Vernon
Holly Chernobyl 
@ houses, allies, streets, beaches, galleries, museums in Chicago. 

︎more who questions please email jyang21@artic.edu