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>>A story with basic Acting skills.

[instruction: read this story with megaphone, and try not look at the other two. ]


A man, named EarthRooty Zhao lives in middle region of China.

But actually the name, EarthRooty Zhao, is a traditional one from southern region.

Traditional means, in southern region, there might be 9 out of 10 male natives have the name EarthRooty Zhao. And mostly, people named EarthRooty Zhao tend to love bamboo like there is no tomorrow. They sleep bamboo beds, live bamboo houses, eat bamboo sticks, drink bamboo juice. their life are so orientated by the bamboo addiction, even their speech are broken into sections, just like bamboo nodes.


there are so many pauses in their speech! Most of the pauses are long enough for photosynthesis, and photosynthesis makes sugar. Sugar makes their talk really sweet.

Talking sweet could give one fortune and love. but talking sweet too much could end badly. too much talking means too much sugar. When sugar mixes with saliva, it will become really sticky. If it is too sticky, people can not open their mouth anymore. So, every new year in that southern region, people have a traditional festival of breaking their mouths open, which is also a celebration of the ability of speech and the freedom of speech, again. The parents break open the mouths of kids. The kids break open the mouths of grandpapa and grandmama.

Traditionally, they will throw away the knock off sugar-saliva mixture into the river. The mixture decay into white sugar paste. sometimes, these sugar paste will trap fish inside, like some gigantic white ambers.

Every year, people all over the world come to southern region just to laugh at this tradition.

But if they laugh too much, their mouth will be sticky too. This makes people question the theory of photosynthesis (because the bamboo addiction makes people's speech have too many pauses which give space for photosynthesis). Maybe it is not about the bamboo eating tradition, but there are actually transparent bamboos floating along the wind.

[hand over the megaphone to number two.]

[instruction: read this story with megaphone, and try not look at the other two. ]

[get the megaphone from number one when he/she finish reading]


A man, named EarthRooty Zhao lives in middle region of China.

People live in middle region love wheat flour. They spend nine months of a year grow wheat all over the region. They spend the rest three months make the wheat into white flour. They eat hundreds of kinds of flour food. They even build their house with dough.

[acting like you are really surprised]

There are many pros of building house with doughs, like dough house means snack house. people can just scratch some dough off the wall to enjoy some carb any time they like. also, the dough house can decorate itself. during rainy days, it will just growing nice green mold. however, too much flour can cause some serious problem. Most people from the middle region have white dough like kidney stones because they eat too much white flour products. And most of them have white lungs because they inhale too much white flour. They have constipation and shit white too. So public bathrooms from middle region look like plaster factory.

A man, EarthRooty Zhao looks just like the natives and shits white too. but his shit looks like white lady figures, very different from the wiggly ones from the natives. it might be another evident, other than his name, to prove that he originally came from the southern region, because the southern people's bamboo loving gene, their body contains a lot of fiber.

There is another moment makes him different.

[acting like you are really surprised again]

1975, a big flood crashed the middle region. but EarthRooty Zhao survived. EarthRooty Zhao couldn't swim, but somehow he was able to float above the flood, just like a bamboo stick.

EarthRooty Zhao's memories of flood have almost faded completely after all these years. only a few scenes he can still remember. He remember, after the flood, he saw a lot of white octopuses on the ground. or maybe they were octopus-ish thing but actually made by the wiggly white shit and kidney stones from the people in middle region. EarthRooty Zhao had a really sad moment after he realize none of these octopuses were from him. they abandoned him, somehow.

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[instruction: read this story with megaphone, and try not look at the other two. ]

[get the megaphone from number two when he/she finish reading]


A long long time ago, there was another big flood on Earth.

Someone asked sir Noah to build a big boat and put every living kind inside, so when the flood came, they could float together. Noah didn’t have a lot of time to build the boat, and the big boat cost so much material, so that boat was probably made from bamboo, since bamboo could grow so fast. Noah would be able to grow his material in one region instead of traveling around to get more wood. But no matter how big this boat was, it was still very limited. So maybe there is another story.

The boat story is named ark. The other story is probably named oc.

In the story oc, someone found out if they stuffed an octopus in their mouth, land animals could breath through it underwater. Because of this story, the octopus has a big balloon-looking head. Also because of this story, the octopus was named oc-topus.

In this story, octopus and bamboo are both strategies. But they are actually more chance than strategy. Because when they first came to the world, they didn’t necessarily know they would succeed. For example, if Noah’s ark contained too many pandas, pandas would eat the ark till it was broken and fail the mission. For example, if octopus suddenly could not help land animals to breathe underwater, it would fail the mission, too. Actually, the mission itself is a chance, too, because when the mission first came to the world, it could be a success or a mess or something not success and not mess. So if we can describe the world as a pile of missions, the world itself becomes chance, too. In this sense, the world, octopus and bamboo, don’t actually have enough differences.

[1] observational learning.