An Introduction for nothing owners (proletariat?) 


version Chicago



why pigeon?


pigeon was first introduced into the country as food and for hunting. but lost control short

The rock dove is very adaptable to thefor urban environment, so the number f

which starts to grow rapidly. it is a “problem” around the globe. 

life style.

Hunter- gatherer is the trueth nature of us we as the human species. it is provend that a

semi-nomadic living style is the best for your soul and the alternative way to cure from

depression caused by most of the contemporary issues. 

double eco-friendly

economicallyy friendly and ecologically friendly.

free yourself from the dead lock of capitalism.


how to hunt a pigeon.

hunting pigeons doesn’t require an eagle’s strength. it is actually very easy. here is a way

method suitable for all ages and all body shapes, and all the material required can be

found in the city.

Step #1:# find a big trash bag.

there are tens of thousands of trash bins around Chicago, from the lake shore to the inner

the best place to find a suitable trash bag is by the lake shore. every morning,

city puts a fresh new trash bagss in the bins, and since the tourists haven’t arrived yet,.

there are much higher chances for finding a perfect trash bag. the best type is anthose

industrial size (55 gallon+) black trash bags but some transparent or white ones can do the

thing toobe useful too. test ittest the bag with your hands, trying to tear it apart., if it gives

You a nice strong resistance,. it is the bag are looking for. 

step #2:# cut the bag open.

first ,lay the bag flat first, in the shape of a rectangle, just like the original

bag. find the side lines, cut the bag open into two pieces from there. (pic fig. 1) 

step #3:# tie a weight on each of the four corners of the bag.

find some bricks, rocks or bottles., the best weight should be a little bit heavier than the

itself. put the weight in the corner of the bag. fold it into the bag. (fig.pic 2)

step #4:# a practice throw practice.

hold the bag like as in (pic fig. 3). stand toin the side of the pigeon group. (fig.pic 4).

throw the bag in a counterclockwise wise w-directionay. (fig.pic 5). it might

rough on your first try, but you will catch up very quickly. Also, the bigger

group is, the better chance you have.

step #5:# select two pigeons

a pigeon equals 1000 calories. the recommended calories an American should adult

consume every day is 2000. two pigeons will be able to meet up your daily need. set the

rest free for the future.



step #1:# smash the pigeon

there are several ways to kill the pigeon after you catch it. smashing it at the head

a the quickest way. the easiest way to smash the pigeon is to use the weight tied at

corner of your bag. give the pigeon a quick smash on the head. the bird is then ready to

gut then.

step #2:# find a knife 

there are several materials around the city that can be used as a gutting knife (pic fig. 6).

a glass bottle can be found easily found around the following club districts. (fig.pic 7).

a razor fence can be found around the following factory areas. (fig.pic 8), or, for more

advanced skill levels you can make your own rock knife!

step #3:# find a working place

find a place with running water to gut your pigeon. the bathroom of a shopping mall, a

grocery store or even a coffee shop can do the trick. because the gutting process can be

little bit bloody,.

bathroom where you can lock your door will be ideal. the following

places are the suggesting working places:. (family bathroom from Ttarget,

Mmariano’s, Starbucks)

step #4:# gut your bird

cut the throat open and  give a nice quick slide from the annal anus up to the chest. (fig. pic 8).

pull out all the guts in side and give the pigeon a nice wash. 

step #5:# pull off the feathers

there are two ways to get rid of the feathers. A. keep the hot water running,. and it

easy for you to pulling off the feathers. B. cover the bird with mud. after cooking,. the

feathers will come off with the mud.



step #1:# find seasoning

salt and pepper can be found at restaurants with self- service bars. the following are some

suggesting places. (fig.pic 9).

step #2:# build up a stove

there are hundreds of ways to build a stove. and since cooking will create a lot of smoke,.

finding a rural place to do it will be ideal. the following are some beaches in Chicago that

may be ideal for cooking .(fig.pic 10). here is a suggested way to build a stove. (fig.pic

11. the key is keep the air flow inside but not too much. a good outside stove outside

needs to be short and small. 

step #3:# set the fire.

gather newspapers and twigs for the fire. and a lighter will be handy,. but if you can’t find

lighter, find a smoker.

following the instruction on (picfig. 12).

step #4:# prepare your bird.

season your bird with pepper and salt inside out. cover your bird with sand. burry the bird

inside the stove. following the instruction on (picfig. 13). 20-30 min will be ideal for a

pigeon to be cooked.



A. people can try this introduction to can be used to cook other to birds, such as.....

B. some of the movement requires practice. but it is guaranteed for all ages and all body


C. there are some farmer’s markets around Chicago. you can sell your cooked birds there.

cooking-ed the bird in front of people will be a nice traffic stop.