- a triangle.

- a watermelon.

- feed the bird.

- recite the story.

Wax people were first found in North Vietnam around 1955, when the country was under a series of crisis. the new government tried to push forward a new type of currency, but hit strong resistance in the North. they found out the North functioned under a native exchange system. a type of amber was used as money there. this huge possession of amber led to an investigation and soon uncovered the truth. the amber was actually made by people from their own body wax, and this family was known as wax people after.

Wax people could produce tremendous amount of body wax, which were usually in the form of ear wax and booger. for normal people, ear wax and boogers are part of the body’s defense system. they wrap invading dust and bacteria and also assist in cleaning and lubricating inside the ear and nose canals. but wax people could produce enough body wax to wrap insects the size of dragonflies. the after product looked exactly like amber.

It is known that all the wax people were killed under the authority oppression. few people still believe some wax people fled since they were really hard to tell by appearance.