how to make a instant mud bath

1.wait until the smog block your sight,
2.mix it with water.

don't try it if you have a XXL sensitive nose and can't hold your breath for at least 90 second.


at the moment a mission launches, its launching ends its subjective. "subjective" means a present of a certain consideration of intention and context. "ends" means a departure.

before a mission launches, it is driven by an intelligence. an intelligence walks through a rational way. a rational way understands and observes a mission from itself. a rational way doesn't stand alone but be carried by a system as its tool.

tool means a weapon with limitation. imagine a sword can't be used as a pair of scissors and a hammer can't be used as a butter knife. most of the time, a system can swing "a rational way" smoothly . just like any tool/weapon, this swing has its limitation which means "a rational way" stops at its limitation. "a rational way" doesn't lead to anywhere.

a system can be language, mathematics or any kinds of artificial-ness-es just like "a rational way". this artificial-ness drifts by the nature of artificiality/subjectivity. it reshapes itself through the way it observes. the drifting is often romanticized as "organic".

"organic" is "chances" plus with some attitudes. "chances" is a multiply one but with a limitation. limitation means there is possibles beyond the contained. if we need a system to understand and describe, we can not understand and describe beyond the limitation of a system. but we know the limitation is there.

there is a abstract one.

I imagine abstraction as a blurring of chances, blurring just like a man trying to dodge thousands of bees attacking his face. however, this imagine must be wrong and overly pictorial.

the term "must be wrong” means a failure from its very nature. the term “overly pictorial” means a metaphor of both rejection and acceptance towards the five senses of human as this romanticized existence.

I imagine chance is meant to be.


a mission was launched in 1972, at an island of artificial-ness-es. a spacecraft, Pioneer 10, was sent into the universe, as the height of the tallest human, as the weight of the fattest man. the spacecraft carries a piece of human information on a plaque as a message for extraterrestrial lives. the plaque, 6” by 9” , is a metal piece designed to survive next 50,000 years. a pictorial messages engraved, a nude figure of human male waving his hand (or hi-fiving) and a nude figure of human female standing, without her genitals presenting.

the spacecraft traveled towards the outer space, at a speed of 12 kilometer per second. it past Neptune in 1983 and became the first human-made object to depart the Solar System. it finally lost its connection to the earth by the year 2003. if Pioneer 10 hasn’t crashed yet, the distance between Pioneer 10 and earth reaches 120 AU by the year 2015, which means if a person tried to catch it, he,she, or they need to travel at the speed of the light for over 16 hours,or if he, she or they are too tall/fat, he, she or they will never catch it.

the mission of Pioneer 10 demanded a huge amount of funding, a funding 5 times larger than the cost of the Presidential campaign that year. it only made possible because of the political ideology of Cold War, in which the Country demanded spectacles. the same ideology funded the nihilistic and chaotic art of America. the art means the possible ways of spectacles. the spectacle demands no real success of achievements. in that sense, Pioneer 10 might be an art piece. by analyzing its formality and context, Pioneer 10 landed its meaning on a tasteful comment onto the ultimate meaninglessness of human kind. the meaninglessness lies on the contradictories. the plaque is intended to be captured by aliens, but the traveling time will out live the longevity of the plaque itself. the traveling is intended to be the main displaying (if it is an art piece), but no one on the earth could see it during traveling itself. in that sense, when this art work is on display, the audiences exist in absence the entire time. no one can really experience it, neither the aliens, nor the humans.

however, lacking of audiences equals no denying its existence. after the spacecraft itself lost connection with the earth, the existence of Pioneer 10 lasts. its objectivity exists with the spacecraft itself, flying, out in the space, and also exists in people’s imagination, imagining its flying, out in the space. meanwhile, its subjectivity exists in people’s understanding through documentations. understanding means the transmission from the observed to the received through imagining. in this sense, for people, both subjectively and objectively, the existence of the spacecraft doesn’t matter anymore, it lives inside their own imagining. it exists as known.

known means its symbiotic relationship between its existence and the imagining of us, subjectively and objectively. the real spacecraft (art if it is) vanished 12 years ago. the real art (spacecraft if it could be) matters none. only the known lingers. the known, along with us, reaches its abstract infinity. the infinity carries by culture collectively, the culture possessing human as vase.

I imagine there is a Pioneer 10 blurs from the known we know as Pioneer 10 drifting towards there.

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