An Alive-ed Puzzle It Is.

January 2016
as a result of global warming
a huge warm air comes up to North Pole
pushes the cold air which is circulating the pole
down south.

The cold air forms into one of the biggest storms
kills hundreds, causes an economic loss of
$ 5+ billion $.
The cold air is named storm Jonas.
Jonas has never visited the south before.

Next time you walk on the street
a person approaches you,
like this
with hands up.

You will be like “What the ****!”
and do this.

If you read the body language
the person approaching you,
palms open with the desire of groping
fingers up with the desire of grabbing.

And your hands,
palms open like shields,
fingers up like spears,

Next time when you see a fortune teller
like this
with hands up.

Your fortune teller reads
your body language.
Your palms open as fortune running in.
Your fingers up like pillars of your life.

Next time when you walk on a battleground,
with hands up

You hope your body language will be read as,
Your palms open as a sign of vulnerability,
Your fingers pointing up as in surrender.


how about you the person holding all the cards?